Message of Greetings from aicctu to the 29th National Conference of AIBEA

Below is the full text of the letter to All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA):

At the outset, I, on behalf of AICCTU, wish a great success to the 29th National Conference of All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) being held on 13-15 May 2023 at Mumbai.

The bank employees have always been in the forefront of struggles against privatization. AICCTU salutes this resolute struggle, which is a great source of inspiration to the working class of the country.

Your conference is being held at a very crucial juncture. The Modi-led BJP’s central government has proved to be the most disastrous for public sector institutions and government sector. From Banks and other financial institutions to Railways, Defence, natural resources, etc. - are being offered on platter to corporates, thereby strengthening the stranglehold of corporates over the economy of the country.

The Modi government is hell bent upon throttling the voice of employees against privatization and corporatization by draconian ways and means which are best exemplified by the promulgation of EDSA in Defence sector and de-recognition of two recognized postal unions, NFPE and All India Postal Employees Union Group-C, which command the majority support in postal sector. In general, to pursue its policies of LPG (Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization), the Modi government has enacted 4 Labour Code Acts to make the working class as the slaves of corporates.  

The public sector banks are facing severe onslaught of privatization with the sole aim of handing over hard earned money of common people to the corporates to facilitate them to earn huge profits. The recent Hindenburg expose on Adani group (Adani Mega Scam) has clearly brought to the light how financial institutions are being looted by the Modi government to serve its crony friends, how corporate hijack of India democracy and economy is being facilitated by the Modi-Adani nexus. Also, with privatization and reversal of nationalization, the public sector Banks are not only pushed to bankruptcy and collapse, they are increasingly becoming insecure as well as costlier for the people. Therefore, this disastrous move of privatization must be fought and stopped with a broader support of the common people. And the victory of the united struggles of farmers with an unprecedented support of common people shows the way.   
The platform of 10 central trade unions have called for a series of united struggles in 2023 including nation-wide general strike at the end of the year. The bank employees have always played a crucial role in strengthening the united working class movement. In view of their glorious tradition of struggles, we look forward to the bank employees particularly AIBEA, the largest organization of bank employees, to play a major role in further intensifying the united movement of working class of India against the policies of LPG and finally to oust this most disastrous Modi regime in coming general elections.

Once again, our best wishes for the great success of the conference.

With solidarity and warm greetings,

(Rajiv Dimri)
General Secretary n