Save Industry Day in Assam

Save Industry of Assam Day was observed across Assam on 8 July 2021 to save various industries from closure and privatisation. The special call to observe the Save Industry of Assam Day was issued by Save Industry Save Worker Joint Action Committee (SISW JAC), an independent platform of national trade unions to save paper mills, fertiliser factories, jute mills, tea industries, spinning mills, oil industries, airport and electricity sector.

Save Industry Day stressed on the urgency to save Nagaon & Cachar paper mills from sale, Namrup Fertilizer corporation and Silghat Jute mill from closure, power sector from privatisation and the interests of airport workers after Adani’s takeover. The campaign expressed solidarity with the jobless and salary-less workers of Apollo spin mills and J&C paper mills and also expressed rage and condolence at the untimely death of workers. The workers are driven to suicides or allowed to die without treatment.

The SISW JAC criticised the Himanta Biswa Sarma led BJP state government that it openly refused to keep up its election promise of reopening both the spinning mills and paper mills and also resolved to build a national people’s movement to save the industries. Thousands of workers from almost all districts of Assam – right from Barak valley to Brahmaputra - and all sectors observed the Save Industry Day.

As a response to the call, MP Ajit Kr Bhutan, noted intellectual Dr Hiren Gohein, famous artist Loknath Goswami, senior advocate Santanu Barthakur, Professor Sourabhpran Goswami of Guwahati University, Saswati Sabhapandit, General Secretary of Debicharan Girl's College, Mintu Nath, Guwahati University student appealed through video to the people of Assam to support the campaign.

In addition, Ramen Das, AITUC leader, Manabedra Chakravarty, President of Joint Action Committee of Recognised Unions, Nagaon and Cachar paper mills and Kamal Sarma, Vice President, NF Railway Employees Union shared the call through video seeking solidarity and participation for the Day. SISW JAC convenors Pankaj Das and Ramen Das thanked workers and eminent citizens for making the Save Industries of Assam Day a huge success.

Following the continuous anti-worker offensives and closure of industries under the BJP rule, both at the centre and the state, AICCTU initiated and formed the Save Industry Save Worker Joint Action Committee in 2019.