Saurabh Naruka

A Note on Global Wage Report: 2020-21: Wages and Minimum Wages in the Time of COVID-19

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has brought out its report on trends in global wages during Covid-19. The report examines the change in real wages across the globe in 2020-21, which is a pandemic hit period. The 2020-21 report also analyses impact of implementation of minimum wages on wage inequality.

Important Highlights from the Report

The Political Economy of Banking Failure and the Design of Selling Out of PSBs Under Modi Regime

As millions of the people in the country are battling for life every day in the second wave of Covid-19 upsurge, the NITI Ayog and the Finance Ministry are finalising plans to privatise selected Public Sector Banks (PSBs). This comes as part of the 1.75 lakh crore disinvestment plan for the 2022 financial year. Disinvestment or sell out of Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), that the country had built over the years since independence, is the most important marker of the disastrous Modinomics.