Police Brutality

Brutal Violence Against ASHA Workers of Uttar Pradesh For Submitting a Memorandum to the CM Yogi Adityanath

When the ASHA workers of Uttar Pradesh tried to submit their memorandum of demands to the CM Yogi Adityanath when he came for a program in Shahjahanpur on 9th November, the police not only stopped them from submitting the memorandum, but also brutally attacked them. One of the ASHA workers, Punam Pandey’s hand was broken, was stamped under the boot and was also attacked in the genitals. After physically assaulting the workers, the police filed cases against ASHA workers themselves.

Khakhi Uniform Vs Red Shawl! A Film Review of “Jai Bhim”

Based on the true story of an adivasi woman desperately trying to find the whereabouts of her husband, who was falsely implicated on theft charges, taken into police custody and reported to be missing, Jai Bhim is a film that is soul stirring and exposing the ugly face of caste oppression, police brutality and opaqueness of legal institutions to common people. In the very first scene, poor families are waiting for the release of their family members from jail.