Rashee Mehra

‘Unauthorised Colonies’ of Delhi and the Vindictive Bulldozer

The history of unauthorized housing in Delhi can be traced back to the planning failures of the state, particularly the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), which has through successive master plans failed in its goal to build enough lower and middle income housing in the city. Unauthorised colonies (UAC) are deemed as such as they are built on land which is neither zoned for residential purposes nor earmarked for other development work in the city’s masterplan.

Delhi Master Plan 2041 is Not a People-Centric Plan !

The draft Delhi Master Plan 2041, released by Delhi Development Authority (DDA), is the fourth plan after 1962, 2001 and 2021. The plan is slated to control certain urban indicators - the ecological balance, equitable and affordable housing, sustainable economic activities etc.

The draft, released at a time when the city is still recovering from the aftermath of the pandemic, sought suggestions and objections within 45 days and later extended for another 30 days on demand. The 450 page document is enforceable by law and valid for the next 20 years.