AICCTU Extends Solidarity to the Ongoing Protest by the AP State Government employees

Resist the regressive PRC (Pay Revision Commission) announced by the Jagan-led AP State Government.

New Delhi, 3rd Feb 2022

The All India Central Council of Trade Unions (AICCTU) extends solidarity to the ongoing unprecedented, massive protest action by the state government employees of Andhra Pradesh against the regressive PRC announced by the state government. The NGO’s (Non-Gazetted Officers), teachers and employees of all government departments are fighting for the repeal of the GOs released by the Andhra Pradesh state government which is nothing but a cruel pay cut. The government announced 23% fitment, cancellation of the existing state PRC, aligning with the central PRC and also a Contributory New Pension scheme.

The Andhra Pradesh state government has announced a regressive PRC which is less than the Interim relief of 27% announced in 2019. The Dearness Allowance that was supposed to have been hiked every six months is already delayed for the past 5 terms (I.e two and half years) and the percentage of DA has been cut down from more than 30% of basic pay to below 10%. The HRA has been cut down from 30% to 8%, 12% and 20% of basic pay in urban, semi urban and rural areas respectively. Now, the state government has announced a PRC by adding the delayed DA’s for the past five terms to the basic pay in order to cunningly show it as a pay hike. This move of the state government is to drastically cut down the existing salary significantly and to deceive and deny the employees of any real pay hike frustrating the expectations of improvement in their salary to mitigate the sufferings induced by the Covid.

Now, with the announcement of 23% fitment, the state govt employees are about to lose 4% of the already announced interim relief of 27% in 2019. Worse still is that the difference in fitment is also to be recovered from the pay announced now which is nothing but the actual and rightful DA of employees that was denied for the past five terms. This is absolutely a cruel and cunning tactic on the part of the Jagan-led state government.

As far as wages are concerned, it is only the govt employees who are receiving the pay at the minimum standards decided by the pro corporate governments. All other employees/workers in various other sectors are receiving a pay even at a much lower level which is far below the standards set for leading a decent life of the family of an employee. Now, the system for pay revision is being adversely changed against the employees. Ever rising Inflation is making the prices dearer day by day. In such a situation, the employees have no other option but to take to the streets demanding implementation of the PRC recommended by the Asuthosh Mishra Commission. Unfortunately, the Jagan government has kept the commission’s report a secret and one sidedly announced the regressive PRC which is far below the recommendations made by the commission. This is nothing but denial of wages and denial of any democracy in employee relations.

The AP govt follows the PRC guidelines that is appointed every five years so far. Now, with the announcement of the GOs, the existing PRC system is cancelled in the state and the pay revision is aligned with central PRC that will be commissioned every 10 years. Clearly, the State govt is evading from its responsibility.

A new, contributory, pension scheme is being introduced in recent years by the union government. Moreover, the hard-earned Provident Fund accrued for decades in each employees’ account is being invested in share market and thus an element of vulnerability and uncertainty is introduced in PF savings. The government is not willing to provide any guarantee and the employees and their funds are thrown open to the vagaries of the market. Corporate companies and the rich are being fed by the sweat and toil of the poor employees. They are allowed to loot the coffers of the PF. This is an obvious case of handing over the employees’ hard earned money to the hands of the private corporates. The government has absolutely no right to play any gamble with the employees hard earned money and their lives and livelihood. The NGO’s of AP are also demanding scrapping of NPS which is contributory in nature and are demanding restoration of Old Pension Scheme (OPS).

Such demands are on debate for more than a month now and the protest action now is being resorted to after a series of consultation process. Now, on 3rd February, tens of thousands of employees are on the streets demanding justice.

AICCTU supports the demands of employees and extends solidarity to the movement of the teachers, NGO’s and the employees of different sectors of the Andhra Pradesh state government.

AICCTU demands Jagan led Andhra state government to scrap GOs associated with drastic reduction in pay and allowances and to restore existing PRC and OPS.

AICCTU demands bringing in Ashutosh Mishra Commission Report to the public domain.

Long Live workers Unity!