Save the Public Sector, the People and the Country


A Convention was held on 14 March 2022 at the Krishna Nagar Municipality Hall in support of the two days strike against the Modi Government's anti-labour policies, against selling off of public property, and wholesale privatisation of public sector Banks, Railways, Defence and Insurance companies. Apart from AICCTU West Bengal, the Government Employees’ Union, All Bengal Sales Representatives’ Union, Bengal Provincial Bank Employees’ Association (Nadia District), APDR, Agricultural Labour Union Nadia and a newly floated social organisation called ‘Save Public Sector Forum’ jointly organised the convention. While a presidium consisting of representatives from each of these organisations conducted the convention, a concrete resolution was placed for discussion and decision. All speakers elaborated on the impact of neo-liberal policies in various sectors. It was pointed out that various governments since 1991 have pursued these disastrous policies but the current Modi regime has declared a veritable war on the working class and the people, by introducing pro-corporate labour codes in place of labour laws and by eliminating hard-earned rights.

Comrade Rabi Sen, president, IREF, described how Modi, the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman and the Home Minister Amit Shah are now planning to sell Indian Railways through their dream project of 'National Monetisation Pipeline'. Comrade Debojyoti Majumdar addressed the Convention on behalf of the Bank Officers’ Organisation. Comrade Jiban Kabiraj spoke on behalf of AICCTU, and stressed the need for a united struggle. He referred to the example of a year-long united and sustained peasant movement at Delhi’s borders. Leaders from AIUTUC and UTUC expressed their solidarity and assured their participation in the joint movement. Comrade Sujit Ghosh took part in the deliberations on behalf of the Save Public Sector Forum. He said that the Public Sector in our country was built with a particular intention of bringing socialism and this remained only an article of faith, but, the Modi Government is trying to dismantle our constitution itself. The need of the hour is to ensure the ‘Save Pubilc Sector’ not just as slogan but as a social movement. The convention unanimously adopted a resolution to ensure the total success of the All-India strike called on 28-29 March. The convention ended with a clarion call: ‘Save the Country, Save the People, Save the Public Sector, The Nation's Properties and Protect Hard-earned Rights, Down the Labour Code’. The Convention decided to conduct rallies and street corner meetings to create awareness among the people on demands of the all India strike. ν