Rajiv Dimri

Message of Greetings to the 18th World Trade Union Congress of WFTU (6-8 May 2022) in Rome, Italy

Dear Delegate comrades,

Red Salute to all, and Greetings from AICCTU and millions of working people of India on this great occasion of 18th World Trade Union Congress of WFTU. At the outset, we would take this opportunity to salute the dock workers of Italy for stopping the Arms Shipment to Israel in May 2021 in an exemplary move of solidarity with the people of Palestine. We salute the militant working class movement of Italy for its relentless resistance to the neo-liberal and imperialist designs.

Modi’s Coal Policy is Solely Responsible for Coal Crisis

The present coal crisis, which has pushed the thermal power plants to the verge of closure in many states, is another addition to the list of devastating outcomes of the Modi government’s policies over the last more than seven years. Mid-night demonetisation, GST, sudden and unplanned cruel lockdown, handling of Covid-19, NMP and continuous, daily shocks of hikes in fuel prices, to name a few in the series of Modi’s policy decisions which have plunged the nation and its common people in a crisis and devastated people’s lives and livelihoods for the profits of his crony friends.